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Little Lemmas - 6 to 12 year olds

The Little Lemmas program focuses on bullyproofing your child while teaching them the super fun sport of grappling. The program runs throughout the school terms, one class on Tuesday 5:15PM one class Thursday 5:15PM and a Saturday Morning Class at 10:30AM. The main elements of the program are:


-          MOVEMENT

-          SELF DEFENCE




-          FUN

The membership is $20 a week, and you can come to as many or as few classes as you can manage. As a general rule 2 a week would be fantastic!


Why should my kid learn to grapple?

A GOOD GRAPPLER IS CONFIDENT, MINDFULL, GRITTY AND BULLYPROOF!! Check out this video by the notoriously Brazilian Gracie family. We’re not affiliated but we love their approach to verbal assertiveness training:





What the hell is a Lemma?

It’s a mythical three horned Jackalope that eats bullies. Where have you been? Its also a cute abbreviation for Trilemma (the name of our gym)

What’s the cost?

$20 a week, during the school terms. There’s discounts available for multiple children. There are a limited number of free memberships available if you can’t afford a membership - just email us.

Grappling? What martial art is this?

Grappling is just a fight without weapons or striking, although we train to deal with strikes too. We proudly steal techniques from everywhere: Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, etc. Just miss me with Aikido!

Do we need to get a Gi?

Yes. Eventually your child will need to get a Gi  (Kimono), preferably sooner rather than later. The Gi helps to slow things down, emphasises grips, puts a big clothy barrier between your kid and everything else, makes them feel like a superhero, and is cute as heck.  We don’t care where you get it – but we made sure to order plenty in case you don't want to wait in line at the Alice Springs post office.

My kid is too young / too old / are they too this / are they too that?

Get in touch with us and we will sort it out.

Do you take sports vouchers?


More Questions?

Of course you do. Message us on facebook (bottom left of this page). Or you can email us at



Places for kids and beginners classes are limited, pass on your details to our coaches now to reserve your place.

Thanks, we'll be in touch! If you want to sign up in the meantime, you can do that too. Your place in our class is reserved