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Meet the kids coaches

Cameron Cornell

Cam started grappling 3 years ago because he thought it looked fun. He was correct! Since then, Cam has developed a love of coaching and sharing his passion for jiu-jitsu with others and is excited for every single Little Lemmas class.

Outside of jiu-jitsu Cam works in health finance, though he considers this to be the least interesting thing about him. He is also studying psychology, with a specific interest in sports psychology (though he still can’t read your mind on the mats).

Cam has two Boston Terriers named Archie and Poppy, and they are very much looking forward to the day Trilemma has its own building so they can come say hello.

Oh yeah and Cam just had twins Millie and George so if you see him around the club make sure you ask how how their training is going (spoiler: millie absolutely flogs george) 

Lukas Blom

Lukas started grappling 5 years ago. He also loves coaching and is particularly fond of making flowcharts.

The reason for this is Lukas is an MBA who works in Human Resources, and is therefore the Trilemma Chief of Flowcharts, Policies and Procedures.

Lukas recently became a father to the very first and littlest Lemma, his daughter Clementine. His blue staffy Reuben is quite jealous his dad’s love of Clem, but at present he is still the better grappler of the two.



Places for kids and beginners classes are limited, pass on your details to our coaches now to reserve your place.

Thanks, we'll be in touch! If you want to sign up in the meantime, you can do that too. Your place in our class is reserved