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The Trilemma Grappling “Self Defence as a Practice” beginners course is 6 x weekly sessions, designed to cover the basics of grappling for self defence (think takedowns, pins, pin escapes, and basic submissions), while getting you prepared to develop a practice of live sparring.

A regular practice of live sparring in a combat sport is THE KEY to helping you handle any physical confrontation.

It kicks off on Saturday the 20th of May, and will be every week at 1:00pm for 6 weeks, at the Trilemma HQ, 3/70 Elder Street.

In addition to being the number one tool for self defence, grappling is a fantastic way to boost confidence, mindfulness, and physical health. It’s also incredibly fun and addictive.


What People Are Saying about Trilemma Grappling

First off, lets see what American Steve thinks about the benefits of jiu jitsu and the culture at Trilemma: 

Cool man, but what about the Beginners Program specifically? Got any successful graduates we can hear from? 

YEAH YEAH YEAH but you stuck a camera in those guys faces, what do the people REALLY think?

Gee guys sounds pretty good, five whole people can't all be wrong! But I need MORE INFO!

Keep Scrolling Friend.

What the heck is grappling? 

Glad you asked. Have a skip through this.. go down the worlds worst youtube spiral, see you soon..


What is the cost? 

A: The price is $195 which includes 6 classes, all of our love and all of our undivided coaching attention. You will finish this 6 weeks with the capacity to defend yourself in a physical confrontation, and hopefully a life long love of combat sports! 

What are we going to learn?  

We have developed a curriculum that gives an overview of the skills necessary to succeed in grappling for self-defence AND to ease you in to live sparring. Sparring in a combat sport is ESSENTIAL to giving you the confidence to handle altercations or self defence scenarios. It's not all encompassing, but will give you the confidence you need to continue your learning!

Will I have to touch other people? 

Yep. Sorry. This is a game of controlling and submitting another human. You'll get used to it. 

Is there going to be live sparring / fighting? 

YES! The whole point of this 6 week course is to ease you into sparring, so that you get used to using 100% of your mental and physical effort to stop a bad man / bad kid / recidivist property offender / creep / attacker / drunk uncle at your brothers wedding. 

Take a look at what a typical sparring (rolling) session at Trilemma looks like here: 

 See that doesn't look too scary does it?

What ages can participate? 

A: Anyone 15+ can attend by themselves. Anyone between 12-15 will need a 15+ training partner also attending with them.

What do I wear? 

Active wear is fine. Shorts and T shirt, tights, whatever you feel comfortable in. 


Tough crowd. We'll let American Steve have the last word, and if you're not convinced then we give up. 


If your question was not answered please don't hesitate to contact us

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Places for kids and beginners classes are limited, pass on your details to our coaches now to reserve your place.

Thanks, we'll be in touch! If you want to sign up in the meantime, you can do that too. Your place in our class is reserved