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This is a class for parents to enjoy with their little ones, offering many benefits for your child's mental and physical development. It is easy, safe and fun for both child and parent. We run it during the school term, Tuesday 4:45pm and Saturday 11:30am. You can come to just one or both, membership is $9.50 a week. Think of it as the Art of Safely Roughhousing with your kid!

We recently reviewed our pricing. Why? Just didn't like the feel of $15 a week for baby classes. Our whole gambit here is getting kids on the mats and getting them keen to become good grapplers and even better people, so we want the pricing to be sustainable as possible. And we wanted to add a little concession for those parents lugging along a mini grappler under each arm, so there you go. $9.50 for one, $5.50 for the second (thats 57.894736842 % off your second child!)  

A Damn circus: 

Warming up - kids running around in circles and pretending to be animals? 

Grappling games with adults - kids crawling all over their parents laughing and carrying on. 

5 minute group game - kids having so much fun they don’t want to go home

Seriously beneficial physical activity:

We're burning off energy, releasing aggression, fostering bonding and trust, teaching children around boundaries and consent, increasing resilience and grittiness, and even making your kid smarter! Have a read of some of the benefits: 

  • Positive touch during play fighting nurtures children, decreases stress hormones and boosts the immune system. It’s important to the development of language, physicality, and social and emotional skills. 

  • When you’re playing these games you’re bonding with your kid. When you throw them in the air and catch them, or swing them upside down, or have them balance on you, when you undertake any somewhat risky activity,  you’re building your child’s trust in you that you will keep them safe.

  • Grappling Einstein?! Psychologists have discovered that the extent to which children engage in rough and tumble play is a stronger predictor of their first-grade academic performance than their kindergarten test scores. The reason behind this relationship is twofold. First, roughhousing builds resilience, enabling children to view failures as opportunities for growth. This intellectual toughness helps them recover from setbacks as they progress through school. Second, research by neuroscientists on both animal and human brains shows that rough-and-tumble play leads to elevated levels of a chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). BDNF stimulates the growth of neurons in the parts of the brain responsible for memory, reasoning, and advanced learning – key skills for academic success.

  • When adults wrestle with kids and occasionally let the children win, they learn a central, moral principle of life: that we protect those who are smaller and weaker.

  • We use a timer to enforce consistent breaks. This allows kids to rev up and cool down repeatedly, which helps children learn to control their impulses.

  • When we play competitive elimination games we are teaching kids to win, but more importantly teaching kids to lose with grace, and follow the rules.

  • The entire class is a training ground for managing conflicts and emotional regulation. Physical play creates fun, exciting situations in which children have to apply self-regulation.  Even though they’re smaller than you, kids will still have to control their strength and learn when things have gone too far.

  • The unpredictability of our sport actually rewires the brain, contributing to behavioural flexibility - in short, our sessions will help your little ones cope with unexpected hurdles in their day to day lives.

Uhhhhhhhhhh is this just play fighting couldn’t I just do this at home for free? 

Yes and we encourage you to do that. In addition our class is highly structured and safe, we have state of the art mats and equipment, we have a friendly community environment, with other parents and kids just like you, multiplying the benefits and fun. As well as this, the 3-5 program is a perfect lead into our 6+ Jiu Jitsu course, so you'll be getting your kid into routine to become a future grappling champion. 

Do I really want my kid to be a grappling superstar? I don’t want them to bully others.

When children wrestle and roughhouse in a safe environment, under a productive ruleset, they’re displaying their inner power, not power over others. Accessing that feeling of inner power is essential for children. It teaches them that they have the power to control their impulses, speak their mind and set healthy boundaries

Seems rough, is it only for boys? 

Girls often get the message not to be aggressive or angry, but when they roughhouse, they can access a forcefulness they’re usually told not to have. That sense of power is healthy. It’s not male or female. It’s human.

Should I be encouraging my little boy to fight? He’s already pretty rough!

Boys, especially, can benefit. From an early age, boys get messages that there are two types of touch: aggressive and sexual. Wrestling shows them that there’s a world of healthy touch in between. 

What do we wear?

Kids can wear their normal kid clothes. Adults please don’t wear anything that can rip easily. Active wear or shorts and T shirt is good. No damn shoes on our mats - slides are advisable to take on and off easily

Do the parents have to attend?

All kids will need an adult or guardian with them. This class has been specifically designed for parent / child. 

I have twins this isn’t fair!

Hey this is frequently asked questions not frequently asked statements! Really though, we’re so sorry. Cam is also a twin dad so he fully understands. You’ll be able to borrow a coach or bring another parent or work something out, just bring your little twins it’s going to be all good. 

My kid is too young / too old / are they too this / are they too that?

Get in touch with us and we will sort it out.

Do you take sports vouchers?


Timetable? Pricing? Who are you guys? What is this? Where am I? 

We got you fam:

  • You're at Trilemma Grappling - the funnest, safest, cleanest, and most elite martial arts gym in town
  • Our pricing is cheap. $9.50 a week come to as many or as few sessions as you wish. Second kid is $5.50. Third kid is free. Fourth kid we pay you for doing your part for population growth.
  • Our convenient schedule offers classes 4:45pm Tuesday and 11:30am Saturday. Classes run according to school term.
  • Read about the coaching staff if you must

More Questions?

Of course you do. Message us on facebook (bottom of this page). Or you can email us at



Places for kids and beginners classes are limited, pass on your details to our coaches now to reserve your place.

Thanks, we'll be in touch! If you want to sign up in the meantime, you can do that too. Your place in our class is reserved