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noun: trilemma; plural noun: trilemmas

a situation in which a difficult choice has to be made between three alternatives, especially when these are equally undesirable.

i.e Tap, Snap or Nap


What we do

Some people call it Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), others call it South American Ground Karate. Joe Rogan fans call it high-level problem solving with dire physical consequences or human 3D chess. It looks like a race to aggressively cuddle your way to be big spoon, but don't be fooled, it's one of if not the most effective fighting styles there is. At Trilemma we have shed the nonsense and dogma and call it GRAPPLING. Grappling looks different depending on what lens its viewed through (MMA, self defense, combat sports) but at its essence, it is clinching, takedowns, throws, sprawls, submissions, pins, escapes, reversals, and sweeps, all while striving to maintain a positional advantage that can be used for control or striking. Training grappling is a great way to exercise the body and mind, learn to defend yourself, and most importantly have fun. 

Trilemma Grappling provides high-level coaching in a clean, safe, community orientated environment. We cater to all levels of participants from beginners to advanced competitors, men and women. We create an inclusive and productive environment in which to master grappling for sport, self-defense, and Mixed Martial Arts by way of structured curriculum-based learning.



Places for kids and beginners classes are limited, pass on your details to our coaches now to reserve your place.

Thanks, we'll be in touch! If you want to sign up in the meantime, you can do that too. Your place in our class is reserved